cover-Easy-Hiking-RecipesIf you love the outdoors but are tired of eating the same cold pizza, fast food, and energy bars when you’re out on an adventure, this book is for you.

If you want to eat well while hiking, but don’t like long, involved recipes with lots of expensive ingredients, this book is for you.

If prefer to ad lib and get creative with your cooking, rather than following recipes word for word, this book is for you!

What if you could whip up easy, delicious homemade meals and save time and money in the process?

This book contains simple recipes that are easy to make, pack well, and contain nutrients you need to keep your energy high all day.

You’ll also get bonus packing and nutrition tips, and hundreds of recipe variations to spur your own creativity. It’s not so much a recipe book as an inspirational guide on how to create quick, healthy, and tasty meals for outdoors fun 🙂

Now in paperback for $6.99, or on Kindle for just $2.99!   

You’ll quickly save that much and more in time and money by using this book. Check out my Amazon Kindle e-book Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple Meal Ideas for Day Hikes and Other Outdoor Adventures, and start cooking today!

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(Note: If you’re in Canada or other countries you might have to log into your individual country’s Amazon website to purchase).

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Love the spirit… and the mix-and-match, build your own meal approach vs. traditional recipes.”


“I’ll definitely be using some of these recipes… and not only for hiking!”

–Sandra T.

“This book is great. It’s jam packed with tips and the recipes are delicious!

–Ambition D.

And if you don’t have an Amazon Kindle, you can still read the book using these free Kindle apps:

If you have any questions or comments at all, drop me at note at: t at easy hiking recipes dotcom 🙂 Happy hiking!


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