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All climbers are gear nerds by default. Hiking involves gear too, but in climbing you have no option but to know your gear well, since the that knowledge may literally save your life! Because of this, we embrace our inner nerdiness and geek out on everything from cams to anchors to ropes. 🙂

Climbing and eating, two of my favorite things!

Climbing and eating, two of my favorite things! (That’s peanut butter chocolate granola bars from my recipe book, and a bunch of cams and nuts for climbing)

For those who don’t know what belay glasses are, here’s the quick back-story:

  • When you climb, a friend must hold the rope so they can catch you on the rope if you fall. This is called belaying.
  • When you belay, you’re staring up at your friend for extended periods of time. After a whole day of climbing, it can feel like a really looooong time.
  • This can lead to chronic neck pain, otherwise known as “belayer’s neck”.
  • Belay glasses have prisms which allow you to belay while looking straight ahead, instead of up.

The most common belay glasses brand runs $120, so I just made do with neck pain all this time. But now there’s a $45 option available at!

Belay Shades really save my neck, especially for casual climbs and gym climbing which I primarily use them for. And whenever I belay with them, I always get comments on how cool they are 🙂  (32.7% of conversation amongst climbers revolves around gear talk; the rest is about routes we’ve done or want to do, beta on routes we’ve done, and current injuries we’re nursing. Oh and rumors about new climbing areas).

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Happy climbing!


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